November 20, 2018
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“Poly-Illumination” – Newest Pubic Art in Ocean Springs is – well – WOW!!!

The Historic Ocean Springs Association (HOSA) unveiled its newest piece of public art at the Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center on Wednesday, September 26th. A great crowd were dazzled by the uniqueness of the aluminum sculpture entitled “Poly-Illumination”. Created by local artists Colin McQuilkin and Bryan Milling, the piece stands nine feet tall and six feet wide, replacing the HOSA-sponsored fountain on the west side of the building. Although the mirrored surface of the piece is dazzling to view during daylight, shifting as you change your point of view, the nighttime view is equally inspiring, as LED lighting from within changes colors to highlight the piece.

poly illuminationSupported by a grant from the Mississippi Arts Commission, along with donations from the R&B Feder Foundation and a number of local individuals, the piece is dedicated to HOSA Benefactors & Philanthropists Bob & Virginia Meyer, and Patron of the Arts Herb Moore. Melanie Allen, Project Chair for HOSA said “This project has been joyous since it was first a thought. HOSA submitted a successful grant application to the MS Arts Commission over a year ago. Matching funds were raised by local donors, the first of which was LuAnn Ellis of Maison de Lu, a generous HOSA member and great friend of Herb Moore”.

HOSA also thanked the Mary C’s Board and staff and craftsmen from the Ocean Springs Dept. of Pubic Works. This project attracted eight excellent proposals that HOSA hopes to turn into additional pieces for the Mary C. campus. For information about HOSA, visit its Facebook page at

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