Refinery Offers Training for Volunteer Firefighters

Refinery Offers Training for Volunteer Firefighters
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More than 50 local volunteer firefighters from (17) different fire departments attended the free annual training event hosted by the Pascagoula Refinery Plant Protection Department in April.

Firefighters who attended were able to practice dowsing flames at several of the fire training ground’s props, including the tanker truck and pump props. They also honed their search and rescue skills by navigating the smokehouse, which simulates conditions in a house fire, and received hands-on training using the Jaws of Life for rescuing victims from vehicles. There was also a presentation put on by Blossman Gas on how to properly take care of propane tank leaks and fires. The firefighters also received training on the use of firefighting foam.

Several vendors supported the training event, including ABC Recycle, Emergency Equipment Professionals, ORR Safety, Blossman Gas, Sunbelt Fire, Akron Brass, and Forts Lake Fire Department.

Also, a special thanks goes to training organizer Teddy Riley, and all of the Plant Protection and Emergency Response Team members who assisted with the event.

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