Chevron Employee Delivers Supplies to Harvey Victims in Beaumont

After Harvey slammed through the coastal lines of Texas and Louisiana, many volunteers rushed to aid those in bigger cities, such as Houston. But one man wanted to help with relief efforts in a smaller town and made a personal trip himself, along with a few others, to bring supplies and donations to the people of Beaumont, Texas. 

Wes Eubanks is a local Chevron employee who felt an overwhelming desire and connection to aid the people of Beaumont. Eubanks has always had a passion for helping others, but this time he knew he had to help with the city of Beaumont- because they had once also helped Jackson county from a previous disaster. 

After Katrina’s devastating destruction to the Coast, Westgate Memorial of Beaumont sent out a group of volunteers to help clean up and mud out efforts and get the people of Jackson County back on their feet. The church worked diligently and graciously to restore the county. Unbeknownst to them, Beaumont would need the same help themselves twelve years later. Fate aligned when Wes was referred to Westgate through a friend who was heading out to Beaumont, and he knew it was his turn to give back to the same group who had helped his town before. 

On September 8, Wes and his team packed up over 100 of JaxCoHome’s flood buckets, clothes, food, cases of water, rakes, shovels and carpentry tools and loaded them into a trailer to head out and deliver to the people of Beaumont.pic3-300x179 Chevron Employee Delivers Supplies to Harvey Victims in Beaumont “There were over 30 people at the church the day we arrived, but was told they are 200 strong working out in the community”, says Eubanks. The group spent the entire day handing out supplies and helping in any way possible to give back to Beaumont what they gave to Jackson County. Eubanks credits his team by saying, “They are working hard to rebuild the community and surrounding communities and help the people get stabilized.”

Wes Eubanks is no stranger himself when it comes to helping others in times of need. In fact, he frequently visits local homeless and rehab shelters, such as The Half Way Home, to bring gifts and make the residents feel special. pic3-300x179 Chevron Employee Delivers Supplies to Harvey Victims in Beaumont

During the holidays, Wes visits these shelters and hosts a Christmas party for the residents so they can feel and be a part of the Christmas spirit and celebrate with one another. “We have them open gifts and my band will play for Christmas songs for them. We just want to show them they are not forgotten”, said Eubanks.

Because of his consistent efforts to help others, JaxCoHome would like to dedicate our “Pay It Forward Friday” to Wes Eubanks from the Pascagoula Chevron Refinery. Thank you Wes for all that you do, not only for Jackson County, but also for anyone, anywhere who needs a helping hand. 

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United Way Holds Their Kick-Off Campaign

United Way held their campaign  kick-off event this morning. Nearly 100 ppl attended the event, which featured the UW agencies and recognized the pacesetter campaigns. UW is more than a quarter of the way toward their $2 million goal already!

This year’s Pacesetters are: Chevron, Ingalls Apprentice School, Jackson County Chamber of Commerce, Lockard & Williams Insurance, Merchants & Marine Bank, MS Power, Navigator Credit Union, Singing River Federal Credit Union, Oswald & Reed, The First, ANBA, City of Pascagoula, Charter Bank and, of course, United Way for Jackson & George Counties.

Funds raised throughout the annual campaign are earmarked to support of the 19 agencies and programs in Jackson and George counties. These 19 agencies serve the communities with child advocacy, family sustainability, physical and mental health services and so much more. The agencies directors will participate in an agency fair during the breakfast to let the community know about their work.

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How Jackson County Can Help with #BucketsForBeaumont

Click the image above to view larger.

JaxCoHome is excited to announce that we will be sending all of our collected flood buckets to the people of Beaumont, Texas. 

Beaumont is located in Southeast Texas, along the Texas/Louisiana border and near the Gulf of Mexico. The city has become a watery wasteland after heavy impact of Hurricane Harvey. 

“The storm that inundated Houston swamped the city of Beaumont with a record 30 inches of rainfall, unleashed flash flooding that police said claimed two lives in Beaumont and forced hundreds of residents to flee to local shelters”, according to a report from NBC News. 

We selected Beaumont for our flood bucket project due to their proximity and similarity to the Gulf Coast. The city of Beaumont is not as large as Houston, but has received more flooding than Houston in the storm’s total rainfall.

“Many Texans in and around Beaumont [and] Port Arthur are fighting for their lives against an incredible amount of water,” said NBC News Meteorologist Bill Karins. “This is just as bad, if not worse, than flooding in Houston.”

The city of Beaumont continues to flood and is not getting as much media attention as other cities, such as Houston. Beaumont’s relief needs are just as important as those in bigger cities. The Mississippi Gulf Coast remembers when New Orleans was the center of focus, but we also were majorly impacted by Katrina. Beaumont is a smaller town and needs help from Jackson County, Mississippi.

Over the last 30 hours since Harvey has landed, Beaumont has received 26.5” of rain- putting storm totals at 43.67” of rain and is continuing to receive more rain and Harvey rips through what’s left of the city. 

“We are so appreciative of the people of Jackson County coming together to help us”, says Regina Lindsey, Beaumont Chamber of Commerce. 

You still have until Tuesday, September 5 to fill your flood buckets and drop off at any of our three locations in Jackson County:

First United Methodist Church, Pascagoula, 2710 Pascagoula Street

Heritage Funeral Home, Moss Point, 9721 Hwy 63

Ocean Springs Lumber, Ocean Springs, 1611 Government Street

For more information and updates on our #FloodBucketChallenge, visit

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The Shed Helps Flood Victims with BBQ

Operation BBQ Relief is lifting spirits of those affected by Hurricane Harvey with delicious BBQ cooked by The Shed. 

Coast volunteers are teaming up with The Shed to send their food and love to those devastated by Hurricane Harvey. The owner of The Shed, Brad Orrison, is a volunteer with Operation BBQ Relief. He’s been cooking up some pork and brisket to send to those affected by the storm. obr_lg_logo-300x242 The Shed Helps Flood Victims with BBQ

Operation BBQ Relief is a national organizaiton composed of over 5,000 volunteers who either own a BBQ joint, work in BBQ, or even just love BBQ. These volunteers are all about cooking flavorful food in bulk to help those in need. The organization was started in May of 2011 in response to a need for relief efforts in tornado-stricken Joplin, Missouri. 

“We’ll cook bulk meals to feed entire churches, first responders, and even The Red Cross”, he said. “We’re expecting to collectively cook between 300,000-400,000 meals for the people affected by Hurricane Harvey”, stated Orrison. 

The relief fund currently has crews in Katy, Texas and Hammond, Louisiana on the ground ready to help feed. 

Orrison plans to offer more than just bbq to the people affected by Harvey. The Shed is now accepting large bulk items for donations to the organization and relief efforts. They will be accepting these items for the next 2 weeks. 

When asked how the people of Jackson County can help, Orrison suggested people donate $20 online to the Operation BBQ Relief website or by donating bulk canned items to The Shed. 

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Experience the Gateway Oak

Located in Lighthouse Park in Pascagoula, the Gateway Oak stands tall and wide and has been for about 400 years. Back in the day, the tree was set to be torn down to make way for the new high rise bridge, but it was saved by citizens of Pascagoula.

“I know of one lady that would have chained herself to that tree before she would have let them cut it down,” says Rebecca Davis, the Main Street Pascagoula Director.

According to Davis, the Gateway Oak was the first tree named in the Live Oak Art Festival. It also goes by different names depending on who you talk to like Hudson Oak or Community Oak. Its beauty draws people in from all over the coast to take family photos and even wedding photos.

“It’s a great place to go and enjoy the beauty of the area,” says Davis.

Experience the Gateway Oak for yourself at the Lighthouse Park, located at 3621 Frederic St. Pascagoula, MS 39567.

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Jackson County Population Count

Ever wondered the population and demographics of your county? Jackson County Home did some research and found a few interesting facts about our wonderful county.

According to the U.S. Census from 2016, Jackson County is home to a whopping 141,241 people. Females take up about 50.9% of the county population while males only account for 49.1%. 52% of the county population is made up of the ages 18-64 years, which is around 73,000 people. The median age for Jackson County is 38.6 years old.

The Jackson County Economic Development Foundation’s latest records are from 2013, saying that Jackson County population would grow to be about 140,000 by 2018. We are definitely some over achievers! The foundation’s site also states that in 2013, 87.4% of the county population was over 16 years old and employed. About 4.3% of the Jackson County population had earned a Master’s Degree, the U.S. percentage of Master’s Degrees was about 7.3% overall.

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