Terrance Trussell Wins Hickory Hills Golf Tournament

IMG_3901 Terrance Trussell Wins Hickory Hills Golf Tournament

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Hickory Hills Country Club hosted their annual Men’s Club Championship last weekend at the Gautier clubhouse. Terrance Trussell won the tournament, beating out fourteen other players in the two-day tournament. 

Trussell shot 77-79, making a 156 total and won the tournament by one stroke. To add to the pressure of the game, there was a 3o mph wind speed making it difficult for the golfers to play their best. “It was really windy and cold for the golfers”, says Phil Paslawsky, a representative from Hickory Hills Country Club. “It was tougher on the players, making the club selection tougher for them to have more patience and concentration”, he said. 

But, Trussell was not going to let the weather stand in his way of taking home the trophy. Trussell has had his eyes on the prize for a long time. “I’ve been wanting to win the club championship for several years now, but I could never get a break through”, says 41-year-old Trussell. His mother used to work at the club house, so he’s been preparing for this win ever since he grew up playing on the course. “I’m glad I finally won”, he added. “Everyone that’s a golfer wants to win their club championship”, he said. 

Trussell says his next game he’s preparing for is the KOS Cup. This tournament is where the champions of Hickory Hills battle the champions of Shell Landing Golf Club to take back the trophy. 

For more information on Hickory Hills Country Club or their tournaments, visit http://www.mississippinational.com or call (228)-497-2372. 

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Peter Anderson Brings Thousands To Ocean Springs

IMG_1348 Peter Anderson Brings Thousands To Ocean Springs

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The 39th annual Peter Anderson Arts and Crafts Festival is coming to a close, as today marks the last day for all of the vendors and festival attendees. Over 40,000 were expected to attend the festival to check out the arts in all forms. 

Five hundred vendors were set up along the streets of downtown Ocean Springs. From local pottery and jewelry makers to arts and crafts, there are a bountiful range of interesting finds at the festival. Many of the vendors traveled from places like Louisiana and Texas to sell their specialty products. Michael’s Pickles is one of the busier non-local booths with their homemade jellies and candied pickles coming all the way from Folsom, Louisiana. “We’ve enjoyed sharing our products with the people of Ocean Springs”, says a representative of the small business. 

A lot of Jackson County’s own local shops and businesses were set up as well. The Walter Anderson Museum of Art has had a booth for as long as the festival has existed. The art history behind the Anderson family is the reason for the founding of the museum and festival. According to WAMA, Peter Anderson had a love for pottery that was considered both functional, and artistic. 

Deadwood Studio’s featured pieces of their driftwood is another big-hit amongst the crowd. Steve Lankford says, “I’m not really sure on how I plan on using it, but I think it can serve as a cool piece for a hummingbird feeder.” 

The festival brings people and their love for art, music and food together, while being able to give back to the city of Ocean Springs. “It’s really all about shopping locally and being outside, walking the streets of downtown”, says Heidi Borque of Ocean Springs. “I love when I find an interesting piece from a shop right here within the community”, she said.

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You’re Going To Love This Pascagoula!

IMG_3922-300x225 You're Going To Love This Pascagoula!Get ready Jackson County! “The Menagerie on Market” is now open for business and just in time for the holidays. Tina Thames and her son Brent renovated the old, long time saloon Johnny Joes and created a wonderful hometown emporium featuring local known artists, craftsmen, cooks, and more. “This is not a flea market, this is not an antique mall, this is an emporium. It’s inviting, warm, and it is going to be great for Jackson County,” says Thames. The Menagerie holds 44 spaces for local unique vendors which 42 of them are already taken. You can find clothing, sports, children’s accessories, cooking, and so much more, that you couldn’t find in other stores because of the overhead associated with starting a small business. The city of Pascagoula has stepped in to help get the idea off the ground and according to Thames, they have been more than helpful, “Absolutely wonderful, they have been phenomenal helping me get in here. I could not have done this without them.”

Future plans for The Menagerie include a coffee shop in the rear which is almost complete and an outside sitting area. Locals may notice some of the old remnants of Johnny Joes,

IMG_3922-300x225 You're Going To Love This Pascagoula!

and enjoy the unique styling of each micro store. “The Menagerie is going to be a great concept when we get everyone in here, filled with all types of unique items. What excites me is that small businesses will be able to broaden their perspectives and be able to sell some of their items without quitting their day jobs so to speak,” says Chelsea Thames, owner of “Fabricology.”

The Menagerie promises to be good for the economy in Pascagoula, and help add to the revitalization of the Market Street area. It will also offer it’s own brand of jams, jelly’s, and other goodies.

Check it out at 2302 Market Street in Pascagoula.








IMG_3922-300x225 You're Going To Love This Pascagoula!
IMG_3922-300x225 You're Going To Love This Pascagoula!
IMG_3922-300x225 You're Going To Love This Pascagoula!
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Chevron’s Fuel Your School/DonorsChoose.org Gift Card Winners

Chevron’s Fuel Your School program came to a close last week after successfully donating $50,000 to Jackson County schools to help teachers fund their projects with DonorsChoose.org. 

Last week, JaxCoHome asked Jackson County teachers to tell us what projects or items they needed for their classroom. These items could include a new microscope, books, computers- anything that encourages learning in the areas of S.T.E.A.M. Chevron believes that effective education including Science, Technology, Engineering the Arts and Math (S.T.E.M.) will foster bright young talent for the future workforce and healthy economic growth for the country. 

We had almost 30 submissions from teachers who needed a variety of items, but 5 winners were chosen who best fit the needs within each part of S.T.E.A.M. Each winner received a $100 DonorsChoose.org gift card to be redeemed on the site to help fund their project. Our ‘Science’ winner was Brieanna Bean with the Jackson County Technology Center. Brieanna teaches high school students interested in the healthcare field as a career. Bean’s project needs included hands-on science/life health kits that helped the students get a real-feel experience of working and studying in the medical field. “The kits allow them to see the enzymes working, as they would in the gastrointestinal tract, of the future patients these students will be taking care of; the actual work the kidneys do in filtrating the blood”, says Bean. “The seeing of the process makes the process of learning significantly easier”, she said. With the help of the gift card, Bean’s project became fully-funded, so the students dream of having these kits will now become a realityIMG_3464-300x225 Chevron's Fuel Your School/DonorsChoose.org Gift Card Winners

Pictured: Brieanna Bean’s Class at Jackson County Technology Center

Our ‘Technology’ winner is Mrs Oreta McMillan’s robotics students at Vancleave Upper Elementary. The 5th and 6th graders compete in robotics competitions with VEX IQ kits. “These DASH robots will allow our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders to practice coding and allow them to prepare for future robotics events”, says McMillan. “The tablets will allow them to download APPS to help them program and control the robot”, she said. After receiving her DonorsChoose.org gift card, McMillan’s class now needs $700 to be fully funded for their project. To donate to the project, visit this link: https://www.donorschoose.org/project/rocking-robots/2886977/?rf=page-siteshare-2017-10-ifproject-teacher_1452542&challengeid=252115

IMG_3464-300x225 Chevron's Fuel Your School/DonorsChoose.org Gift Card Winners

Pictured: Oreta McMillan’s class at Vancleave Upper Elementary

The ‘Education’ winner is Bridget Mudgett at St. Martin Upper Elementary. Mudgett’s Donors Choose project asked for a class set of the novel, Wonder, for her 5th graders. “My students love to read!”, said Mudgett. “They stay after school for book club, give up recess time to volunteer in the school library, and walk to the public library in a small town that’s not very ‘walkable'”, she said. With the help of the gift card, Bridgett’s class has also reached their project goal of $360! “We’re so grateful for this gift card! Now my kids can finally engage like never before”, she said. 

Our ‘Arts’ winner is Casie Duffy with Moss Point High School. Duffy’s class needed several iPads for her art class. “With this funding, it will allow my students access to art history research, graphic design experiences, and expand their capabilities as artists by incorpoarting a technological aspect”, says Duffy. 

Last, but not certainly not least, the ‘Mathematics’ winner is Lorraine Boleware and her class at Eastlawn Elementary. Boleware teaches special education, but is in an inclusion setting with the general education students. She primarily works with 3rd grade, (Reading gate) and fourth grade (MAAP) state testing classes. “These students must reach the same benchmarks as students who do not have special needs, but they are working and they are trying”, says Boleware. “I have found that the biggest hurdle right now is in multiplication facts for my students. I would like to use different resources that may help them increase their fluency and give them a firm foundation to build on for the rest of the standards in math”, she said. After applying her gift card, Boleware’s class still needs $500 to fund this project. You can donate to this project by visiting the following link: https://www.donorschoose.org/project/extra-help-for-success/2884074/IMG_3464-300x225 Chevron's Fuel Your School/DonorsChoose.org Gift Card Winners

Pictured: Lorraine Boleware’s class at Eastlawn Elementary

JaxCoHome would like to thank all of the participants for submitting their projects. “We are so happy we were able to help fully fund 2 of the 5 project winners”, says Chelsea Gee, a representative from JaxCoHome. “This opportunity would not have been possible if it weren’t for the people at Chevron and their consistent efforts to help their local schools”, she said. 

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Chevron Achieves Gold Recognition for Workplace Health from American Heart Association

gold- Chevron Achieves Gold Recognition for Workplace Health from American Heart Association

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Scientific, evidenced-based instrument rates, recognizes workplace health programs and workforce heart health

(PASCAGOULA, MS) – The 2017 results of the American Heart Association Workplace Health Achievement Index were announced on October 20th. In Jackson County, MS, the Chevron Refinery in Pascagoula was recognized with the Index’s highest rating (Gold) for taking significant steps to build a culture of health in the workplace. The American Heart Association, the world’s leading voluntary organization dedicated to building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke, created the Index with its CEO Roundtable members, a leadership collaborative of more than 30 CEOs from some of America’s largest companies who are committed to applying evidence-based approaches to improve their employees’ overall health. 

Chevron was recognized by the American Heart Association for excellence in workplace wellness at the first-ever 2017 IMIA/Craft & Technical Solutions Wellness Symposium and took place on Friday, October 27 at 9 a.m. at the Pascagoula Senior Center (1912 Live Oak Ave. Pascagoula, MS 39567). 

The Index uses science-based best practices to evaluate the overall quality and comprehensiveness of their workplace health programs. A unique feature of the Index is that it calculates an average heart health score for employees of participating companies that securely submit aggregate health data.

More than 800 companies completed the Index assessment this year and, of those companies, 67% received either Gold, Silver, or Bronze recognition. Companies receive benchmarking reports, which allow them to identify potential areas of improvement so that they can advance their annual performance and recognition.

“The American Heart Association is building a culture of health and well-being throughout the country, and on behalf of the Association, we congratulate Chevron and thank them for their efforts in cultivating healthier workplaces and communities,” said Ashleigh Gaddy, Jackson County Director for the American Heart Association.

The Association’s Workplace Health Achievement Index allows companies to measure the effectiveness of their workplace health programs, as well as the overall heart health of their employees. Unlike other existing organizational scorecards, the Index also scores companies on the heart health of their employees based on Life’s Simple 7® – the Association’s scientifically validated definition of ideal heart health. The key factors contributing to optimal heart health include smoking cessation, maintaining a healthy weight, staying physically active, eating a healthy diet, managing blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, and keeping blood sugar at a healthy level.

Scientific research shows that improving these seven factors can lead to significant reductions in heart disease, stroke, cancer, and many other health problems. In addition, people who achieve ideal cardiovascular health by age 50 have a significantly lower risk of heart disease and stroke, and live, on average, approximately 10 years longer than people with two or more risk factors. 

The American Heart Association’s Workplace Health Achievement Index assessment is grounded in data-driven science, and a quality improvement framework. According to the Nielsen 2016 Employee Health Survey, robust and comprehensive strategies for well-being are associated with positive impacts on employees’ health.

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Huntington Ingalls Industries’ Technical Solutions Division Announces New Vice President of Human Resources and Director of Communications

Melaniekristine Huntington Ingalls Industries’ Technical Solutions Division Announces New Vice President of Human Resources and Director of Communications

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NEWPORT NEWS, Va., Oct. 31, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Huntington Ingalls Industries (NYSE:HII) announced today the appointment of two leaders at its Technical Solutions division. Melanie Anderson has joined the division as vice president of human resources, and Kristine DiMarco has been named director of communications.

Anderson brings 20 years of multifunctional human resources experience supporting high-performance organizations in the government services, aerospace and defense, commercial and high technology industries. Most recently, she led human resources for the engineering business of KBRWyle, following KBR’s acquisition of Honeywell Technical Solutions, Inc. Prior to joining Honeywell, she held HR leadership roles of increasing responsibility for The Boeing Co., Harris Corp. and Raytheon. She earned an undergraduate degree at Michigan State University in German with a dual major in employment relations. She also holds a master’s degree in labor relations and human resources management from the same institution.

DiMarco is an award-winning communications professional who has been supporting the Technical Solutions division with special projects since its inception in December 2016. She has a wide range of experience through various communications, knowledge management and process improvement positions at HII since 2004. Her most recent assignment, which underscored her experience supporting aircraft carrier and submarine construction and maintenance, was communications lead in Technical Solutions’ Fleet Support group. She previously managed communications and information technology initiatives for SRA International and for the Office of the Secretary of Defense. She has a bachelor’s degree in communications from James Madison University.

“We have over 5,000 tremendously talented professionals in our Technical Solutions division, and we are committed to providing them the best possible programs and communications support,” said Andy Green, president of HII’s Technical Solutions division. “Melanie and Kristine bring a wealth of experience and leadership to this growing organization, and we are delighted to have them on the Technical Solutions team.”

Photos of Anderson and DiMarco are available at: https://newsroom.huntingtoningalls.com/releases/tsd-hr-communications-leadership.

HII Technical Solutions is a professional services business providing solutions to a variety of government and commercial customers worldwide. The division was formed in December 2016 when HII acquired Camber Corp. and combined it with HII’s existing services subsidiaries, including AMSEC, Continental Maritime of San Diego, Newport News Industrial, SN3, Undersea Solutions Group and UniversalPegasus International. Technical Solutions provides fleet maintenance and modernization, unmanned solutions and rapid prototyping, agile software development and network engineering, training systems, logistics support, nuclear engineering and fabrication, and oil and gas engineering. Technical Solutions employs more than 5,000 people working in 35 states and 11 countries, with mobile “fly-away” teams that support emergent situations around the globe.

Huntington Ingalls Industries is America’s largest military shipbuilding company and a provider of professional services to partners in government and industry. For more than a century, HII’s Newport News and Ingalls shipbuilding divisions in Virginia and Mississippi have built more ships in more ship classes than any other U.S. naval shipbuilder. HII’s Technical Solutions division provides a wide range of professional services through its Fleet Support, Integrated Missions Solutions, Nuclear & Environmental, and Oil & Gas groups. Headquartered in Newport News, Virginia, HII employs nearly 37,000 people operating both domestically and internationally. For more information, visit:

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Halloween Happenings in Jackson County

trick-or-treat Halloween Happenings in Jackson County

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If you’re not going trick or treating in your neighborhood for Halloween, there are plenty of other events going on within Jackson County. Here’s some spooky details for events near you: 

Trick or Treat Down the Street

The Historic Ocean Springs Association and the Ocean Springs Chamber of Commerce are hosting their annual Trick or Treat Down the Street in downtown Ocean Springs. Businesses and merchants along Washington Avenue and Government Street will be distributing treats to costumed children from 6-8 pm. Students from Ocean Springs High School will be performing “Thriller” and other Halloween themed dance performances at the intersection during the two hour holiday event. 


Visit merchants throughout the Edgewater mall in Biloxi who will be giving out goodies to kids in costumes. Take home a complimentary photo from an on-site photographer. The fun begins at 5pm with a performance from La Santa Damiana the fire dancer. There will also be (4) 10 minute performances from the Fire Dancers from 5:00-6:30 PM. At 6:40pm enjoy a Halloween dance performance from Kelli’s Step School of Dance.

Hallow-Read Day

Read a spooky book and trick or treat at the St. Martin Public Library. The event is for area teens during library hours. Families are welcome to trick-or-treat at the library. Costumes encouraged. Take a Spooky Selfie at photo booth, create “BOOk-marks.” Treats provided. Details: 228-392-3250.

‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Movie Madness Experience

The Biloxi Little Theatre will be showing the classic Halloween movie, ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’. Featuring a professional shadow cast in front of the movie screen, this is an interactive event. 220 Lee St. $15; $5 prop kits. This event is R rated. No outside props allowed; prop kits will be sold for $5 at the theater. Costume contest, door prizes, cash bar. 228-432-8543. 4blt.org 7:30 p.m.-11:30 p.m.

Tiki Trick-or-Treat

Margaritaville Resort, 195 Beach Blvd., Biloxi. Free. Halloween candy will be given to trick-or-treaters who come dressed up in their costume. Candy will be on second, fifth and 10th floors of the resort. 228-271-6377. 5 p.m.-8 p.m.

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Zonta Arts and Crafts Festival Celebrates 40th Anniversary

zonta-festival- Zonta Arts and Crafts Festival Celebrates 40th Anniversary

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The Zonta Club of Pascagoula celebrated their annual Arts and Crafts Festival on Saturday, October 28th. The festival was a huge success and brought out the largest crowd yet, despite the morning’s slight weather issues.

Attendees offered attractions for the young and old, art and music lovers, and commercial shoppers and foodies. It’s also a great event that brings business into the downtown shops of Pascagoula. Another draw of the festival are the two stages of live entertainment that includes performance groups and regional musical acts.

Hundreds of arts and crafts vendors showcased their merchandise in booths throughout down-town plaza in Pascagoula. This year‘s festival was supposed to happen three weeks ago, but hurricane Nate’s landfall that Saturday postponed the annual event.

The festival is hosted by the Zonta Club of Pascagoula, a local chapter of the international organization working together to advance the status of women worldwide through service and advocacy. Funds raised from the festival go to support community service projects that promote the status of women. 

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Moss Point Celebrates Being Named “Mississippi’s Healthiest Hometown”

blue-crossjpg-b158cacb15b83317 Moss Point Celebrates Being Named "Mississippi's Healthiest Hometown"

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The Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation named the City of Moss Point “Mississippi’s Healthiest Hometown” and presented the City with a $50,000 grant award during a celebration held Friday, October 20 at the Riverfront Community Center. The celebration included a “Self Care Expo” with healthy food and exercise demonstrations, free health screenings and a farmers market. Vendors were on hand to check blood pressure, demonstrate CPR techniques and distribute disaster preparedness supplies.

“We are so excited to partner with the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation to better our residents’ health,” said Mayor Mario King.  The City will use the $50,000 grant to further efforts toward improving community health by promoting walking, bicycling and outdoor exercise.

The City of Moss Point was named “Mississippi’s Healthiest Hometown,” while the cities of Meridian and Hernando and the Town of Mantachie received Healthy Hometown honors. Moss Point, which was previously a Healthy Hometown winner in 2014, received a $50,000 grant from the Foundation to support its ongoing wellness initiatives. Meridian, Hernando and Mantachie will each receive $25,000 to further their own wellness efforts. Hernando was also a previous winner in the Healthy Hometown Awards program, having been named “Mississippi’s Healthiest Hometown” in 2010. Meridian and Mantachie are both first time honorees. 

The Healthy Hometown Awards Program was established in 2010 to encourage healthy lifestyles at the community level while providing financial incentives to the cities and towns that have demonstrated the most progress. Healthy Hometown winning municipalities are chosen based on select criteria, including being tobacco-free communities, the promotion and support of community exercise, community-wide opportunities for healthy nutrition and supporting healthy learning environments in schools. Since 2010, the Foundation has provided $700,000 to support Healthy Hometown winners. 

“We are proud of Moss Point’s continued leadership in creating healthy places to live, learn and work,” said Sheila Grogan, Executive Director of the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation. “We encourage other communities around the state to be part of our collective efforts to build a healthy Mississippi.”

Healthy Hometown applications are evaluated by a panel of distinguished health and wellness champions from Mississippi and around the country. Judges for the 2017 Healthy Hometown Awards Program were: Sue Polis, Director of the National League of Cities, located in Washington D.C. Polis manages the health and wellness portfolio for the Institute of Youth, Education, and Families; Paula Little, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent and Supervisor of Instruction for the Clinton County School District in Kentucky. She also established the Clinton County Healthy Hometown Coalition; and Robert J. Gates, Project Director for the Trinity Educators Development Corporation, based in the Mississippi Delta, providing assistance to small and limited resource farmers. He also works collaboratively with community consultants to improve health and wellness in the Delta. 

To learn more about the Healthy Hometown Awards Program and this year’s winners, visit the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation’s website at www.healthiermississippi.org.

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Audubon Center Hosts Farm to Table Event

image004 Audubon Center Hosts Farm to Table Event

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The “Let’s Gather” Farm to Table Tasting took place at the Pascagoula River Audubon Center on Thursday, October 19 from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. Presented by the IP Casino and the Bacot McCarty Foundation, the event featured cooking demonstrations and tastings from IP Casino chefs as well as the opportunity to meet the Mississippi farmers and producers who provided local ingredients for the meal.

For the event, IP Casino Executive Chef Shannon Johnson crafted a fine-dining menu from locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. He utilized many farmers from the Mississippi Gulf Coast including PJ Farm, Country Girl’s Creamery, Stinger Juice Honey and Sandy Ridge Farms.

The “Let’s Gather” Farm to Table Tasting was the product of a collaboration between the IP Casino’s Steve Morgan, the Bacot McCarty Foundation’s Todd Trenchard and the Pascagoula River Audubon Center’s Mark LaSalle. The IP Casino and Bacot McCarty Foundation supported the event as platinum sponsors and additionally, through the talent and time of over 20 employees. 

“This event was a great opportunity to use our relationship with the IP, pair them with our relationship with Chevron and other Jackson county industries, and showcase one of the premier nonprofit amenities in our region, the Pascagoula River Audubon Center,” said Todd Trenchard, executive director of the Bacot McCarty Foundation. “We got together, discussed it and looked at our possibilities. The event was a combination of a lot of hard work behind the scenes that resulted in what will hopefully be an annual partnership to benefit our local communities going forward,” Trenchard continued.

Other event sponsors included Ingalls Shipbuilding, Chevron Pascagoula Refinery and Back Porch Solutions. The purpose of the event was to raise awareness of the fundraising needs and opportunities of the Pascagoula River Audubon Center. While the Center bears the national Audubon name, its programs and operations are supported entirely locally. For more information on giving opportunities at the Pascagoula River Audubon Center, call 228-475-0825, visit pascagoulariver.audubon.org, or visit the Center at 5107 Arthur Street in Moss Point.

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