Singing River Health System First in US to Deploy “OR Cockpit” for Patient Safety, Efficiency

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The next generation in Operating Room safety and efficiency is making its nationwide debut in Jackson County, MS with the delivery of the “OR Cockpit” software suite at Singing River Health System.

The OR Cockpit is a revolutionary interoperability software system that monitors all facets of an operating room to optimize patient safety, OR efficiency and infection control with real time analytics and reporting throughout a surgical procedure. The system was installed in the OR Suites at Singing River Health System’s Ocean Springs Hospital as a Beta Test site, the first in the United States.

Developed by New Compliance, USA, the OR Cockpit was developed in The Netherlands and has been successfully deployed in hospitals across Europe. The system ties into the hospital’s electronic medical records data and uses giant touchscreens, air quality monitors, timers and electronic checklists to provide constant feedback to the OR team on procedure specific patient safety, infection risk and environmental conditions. “We are very excited to bring our OR Cockpit+ Suite solution online at our first US hospital location in Ocean Springs. Working together with the hospital and our US distributor Skytron, our company’s mission is to protect patients and empower medical staff by
bringing hospitals smart, interoperable real-time information technology” said New Compliance CEO Bo Wiesman. “With this first project at Singing River Health System we mark the start of an exciting patient safety journey into the US healthcare market.”

Singing River Health System is already nationally ranked for medical excellence and patient safety in a number of surgical specialties, and the surgery team did not hesitate to be the first in the US to install the OR Cockpit. “We jumped at the opportunity to help test this new technology,” says Tiffany Murdock, Executive Director of Surgical Operations for Singing River. “It’s another tool we can use to assure the absolute highest quality care for our patients, and we’re excited to show the rest of the country what we can do with this technology. While there’s no substitute for human skill, the OR Cockpit gives us real time data for better decision making and better care.” Murdock expects to deploy the technology to all of the system’s operating rooms in the near future.

To launch the system in the United States, New Compliance has partnered with the Skytron Company, a global healthcare equipment and technology provider, as its exclusive US distribution channel.

“Singing River Health System’s focus on continuous improvement and their long term vision fit well with our core values and our efforts to help leaders in healthcare achieve the highest utilization of their people, their facilities and their capital,” says Dave Mehney, CEO of Skytron. “They’re a perfect partner as a US pilot site for the OR Cockpit Solution.”

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Mayfield Family Shares Story of Miracles for Prematurity Awareness Month

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Hanna and Matt Mayfield are familiar faces in Pascagoula, Mississippi. With Matt co-owning ‘Goula’s famous, Tay’s BBQ a lot of people recognize the family name and their deliciously famous menu items. However, they are also known for their survival story of their two little miracles.

November 17 is recognized as World Prematurity Day and serves as the focus of the March of Dimes’ Prematurity Awareness Month observance each year. The Mayfield family relates to this day as they recall the miraculous story of the birth of their premature twin daughters.

In October of 2011, Hanna Mayfield was taken into emergency c-section at USA’s Children’s and Women’s Hospital in Mobile, Alabama. Mayfield says there was no explanation as to why she went into labor so early, but prepared to face the reality of giving birth to premature twins. She was only 5 months pregnant at the time, barely mid-way through her 2nd trimester. 

Bowen and Taylor were born at 22 weeks and 5 days and were considered to be ‘micro-premies’- weighing even smaller than a typical premature baby. Bowen weighed 1 pound and Taylor 15.3 ounces. “Their lungs weren’t working like they were supposed to- it was a lot of treatment and things to keep an eye on every hour, every few hours”, says Mayfield. 

But the family decided to remain positive with lots of prayer and trust in the top-rated NICU center at Children’s and Women’s. “Every one of the doctors and nurses at the hospital are angels”, she said. “Being able to do their job with a smile on their face, while helping these parents is incredible”, says Mayfield. In fact, USA’s NICU center is one of the only local hospitals to give babies born before 24 weeks a chance to survive by putting them on a ventilator. “If we lived in any other city, we may have not been accepted into a hospital to keep our babies alive”, she said. The babies remained in the NICU for the next few months, with Taylor having additional complications and surgeries which kept her there for a total of 7 months. 

The challenge of having premature babies doesn’t stop at the hospital. After bringing the girls home, Matt and Hanna were given strict schedules and guidelines to follow to ensure they were being taken care of properly and would remain healthy. Parents of premature babies have to take caution when bringing them home due to their low immune system. “We couldn’t go out in public and they advised against bringing people around our babies”, said Hanna. “They even told us, ‘If you go out to the grocery store and come back, you have to shower and change clothes before you can even hold your baby'”, she said. The family had to be conscious of every move they made to ensure the girls’ health remained in good state. 

After many routine checkups, the girls caught up to their appropriate weight and grew to become wonderfully excelled children. The twins recently celebrated their 6th birthday last month. “They’re healthy, thriving in school, running around and taking dance lessons-perfectly normal little girls”, said Mayfield. “We could have easily had many difficulties with the girls, but we were fortunate they grew up without any problems”, she said. “I think it’s just being aware of germs, being mindful of their low immune systems and sticking to the plan the nurses and doctors give you is the reason for it”, says Hanna. 

According to the March of Dimes, 1 in 10 women will give birth to a premature child. Like the Mayfield family, many women, including those in Jackson County, will face the difficulty of having premature children. “It’s very easy to get down and depressed that you can’t hold your premature baby like an average-sized one”, says Hanna. But she encourages families who are facing this, “Keep your chin up, stay positive, pray and get your prayer warriors around you”, she said. 

For more information on World Prematurity Day or the March of Dimes, visit their website



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Mississippi Coastal Cleanup 2017

On Saturday, Nov. 18, volunteers from across the coast will gather at more than 40 locations for the 2017 Mississippi Coastal Cleanup. 

The cleanup is a partnership between the Mississippi State University Extension Service and the Mississippi Debris Task Force. It is a part of the International Coastal Cleanup and is one of the largest volunteer efforts in all of Mississippi. Since 1988, thousands of volunteers have removed millions of pounds of trash from Mississippi’s coastline, waterways and barrier islands. 

Trash that is deteriorating the quality of Mississippi beaches, said Mandy Sartain from the Mississippi State University Extension Service. 

“Here in Southern Mississippi, we take pride in our white, sandy beaches,” Sartain said. “Nobody wants to go to a dirty beach.”

During the cleanup, data is collected to categorize the major sources of marine debris entering the coastal environment. This data provides a global snapshot of the types and sources of debris and zeroes in on the impacts of ocean trash.

In 2016, 200 miles of Mississippi’s coastlines, waterways, and barrier islands were covered as part of the cleanup. More than 2,400 volunteers picked up 2,286 bags of trash, weighing in at 14 tons of marine litter. Some of the commonly found items included plastic bottles, straws, food wrappers and nearly 28,000 cigarette butts.

In addition to taking away from the aesthetics of the beaches, Sartain said this trash can harm wildlife.

“Trash can negatively impact wildlife habitats,” Sartain said. “It can get pushed into marshes, bayous and other locations that can’t be reached.”

Although typically held in October each year, the 2017 cleanup was pushed back to Nov. 18 because of the aftermath of Hurricane Nate. Registration on cleanup day will start at 8 a.m., and volunteers will finish up around 11 a.m. Zone captains will be stationed at each cleanup site in bright yellow T-shirts to give directions and supplies, such as trash and recycling bags, and data cards to record the debris collected. Lunch is also included for volunteers.

Sartain stressed that the dedication of the community is what makes this event successful. 

“We’ve had zone captains who have volunteered for 20 or more years,” she said. “Community members take pride in it and are dedicated to the importance of the cleanup every year.”

Local sponsors have also worked to make the event a success. Chevron, Sartain said, played a huge role in the event by providing a monetary donation for event supplies and by sponsoring its own clean up site.

Other sponsors include the U.S. Department of Commerce National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Sea Grant of Mississippi/Alabama, The Shed, Mississippi Department of Marine Resources, Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality and more.

There are about 20 cleanup locations in Jackson County. Locations can be found here. Volunteers should bring the following items: plenty of water; sunscreen and a hat to protect themselves from the sun; insect repellent; close-toed shoes or sneakers to protect their feet; a camera to document volunteers in action and any strange items they may find; work gloves or rubber gloves. 

In the long term, Sartain said the Mississippi State University Extension Service aims to sponsor additional smaller cleanups throughout the year. She said this could allow for more people to get involved and will help raise awareness of the impact of trash on the environment.

“It takes a lot to change habits,” Sartain said. “If people can come out and get hands-on, it can help them switch up their decisions and take a look at their impact.”

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Pay it Forward Friday: Scott Lemon Awarded Humanitarian Award

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Last week, The Mississippi Gulf Coast YMCA appointed Scott Lemon as the 2017 recipient of the John R. Blossman Humanitarian Award at their annual banquet. Scott has been a key leader in the Gulf Coast area for the past three decades, serving the area not only through his profession, but also by his dedicated volunteering and the high standard he has set through his example as a husband, father, grandfather, and colleague and friend to many.

After graduating from Mississippi State University, Scott began his career in textile manufacturing. However, it wasn’t long before he felt led to follow in his grandfather and father’s footsteps and pursue a career in the insurance industry. He and his wife, Barbara, moved to Ocean Springs with their three daughters where Scott stepped into his dad’s shoes to co-manage Lemon-Mohler Insurance with Mark Mohler after his dad’s retirement.

Scott’s influence has been and continues to be widely felt along the Gulf Coast. He is involved with numerous boards, associations and affiliations, including the Mississippi Gulf Coast YMCA, St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, Young Life, the Women’s Resources Center and the Home of Grace. He values integrity and accountablility, which stem from his deep faith in God, his love for the church, and for his family. “We certainly believe the young people of our community are our future and that’s why we support these organizations”, says Lemon. 

Scott knew when he married Barbara 29 years ago that he “married up;” she is gracious, genuine, and compassionate with a servant’s heart. Scott says she completes him. He and Barbara enjoy spending time with their daughters and families, which now includes grandson, Charlie, and they are excitedly awaiting the arrival of their second grandson.

The John R. Blossman Humanitarian Award was created in order to recognize individuals, like John, who put his fellow man first and is given each year at a banquet proudly hosted by the Beau Rivage Resort Casino. All who knew John Blossman felt his deep love for the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Much of his life was spent in service to organizations that positively impacted the lives of others. The sponsorships and proceeds from the banquet help support the YMCA’s Strong Kids Campaign. With your financial assistance through sponsorships or donations, the YMCA is able to have a lasting impact on thousands of Gulf Coast children, teens and their families every year.”The YMCA has been a huge part of my life”, he said. “I’ve grown up there and have seen the organization help so many people through working with the mind, body and spirit”, says Lemon. 

It is clear that Lemon makes consistent efforts to help others and is a deserving community member to receive this award. When asked how people can get can get involved in the community, he encourages others to seek out and help your neighbors in times of need. “Find an organization you dearly love and serve it with all your heart and soul, and you won’t feel like you’re giving anything up.”  

Pay it Forward Fridays:

JaxCoHome would love to hear about people doing good in our community. If you know someone that is a champion for our community, the environment, education or local business, fill out the nomination form by clicking here.

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Giving Back for Thanksgiving

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If your family is looking to give back this Thanksgiving, here are a few ways you can help:

Our Daily Bread – Pascagoula

Our Daily Bread aims to show those in need that Jackson County cares. The non-profit soup kitchen has been serving the hungry in Jackson County for 36 years and continues to offer the opportunity for anyone to come and volunteer.

“Our Daily Bread belongs to the people,” Director Mary Meldren said. “That’s why we’re here. People are just hungry – that’s all. We want to show them they are no judgements here and that they are loved.”

Meldren said Our Daily Bread typically sees an increase in the number of those needing meals around the holidays. Last year, 187 people were served on Thanksgiving. 

Those who would like to volunteer on Thanksgiving (or beyond) can call 228-201-2303 for more information. Families are welcome to volunteer together. 


The Lord is My Help – Ocean Springs

Each year, The Lord is My Help aims to provide local families in need with a full Thanksgiving meal. For a $20 donation, you can sponsor a meal for a local family of six, including a turkey and side items like green bean casserole and more.

Liz Sekul with the non-profit organization said the annual Turkey Drive fundraiser has continuously been successful in combating food insecurity and hunger around the holiday season.

“Families can come in let us know they need a meal – no questions asked,” Sekul said. “We serve about 150 local families each year.”

In addition, those who wish to volunteer the day of Thanksgiving can contact Barbara at 228-872-2331 for additional volunteer opportunities. 


Help a Family

Through the University of Southern Mississippi School of Social Work, River Rock Yoga is accepting donations to support a family in need for Thanksgiving.

Food and clothes are being collected for a single mother and her 4-year-old son. The mother wears a size 7 shoe, size 7 pants and a medium top. She needs winter boots or shoes and winter clothes. Her son wears a size 10 shoe, and 5T pants and tops. He is in need of winter clothes. Donations of toy cars, trucks and construction toys also will be accepted.

Please bring donations to River Rock Yoga in Ocean Springs by Nov. 21.


Donate a Meal

Waitr, the on-demand restaurant platform, is starting a Thanksgiving food drive using its food-delivery app to help feed the needy in the communities they serve.

When anyone orders from Waitr, they’ll have the option to help feed a family in their own community with a donation. Called “Share Thanksgiving”, the food drive allows Waitr users to click on the designated “Donate a Meal” button after they order.

After ordering, they will then be prompted to select a dollar amount ranging from $2 to $10. Waitr and its participating restaurant partners will also match a portion of their customers’ donations.

Using all of these donations, Waitr will deliver free hot meals prepared by local restaurants to hungry families during Thanksgiving week.


Be a Santa to a Senior

Although extending beyond Thanksgiving day, families interested in giving back throughout the holiday season can look into being a Santa to a senior. Home Instead Senior Care invites the community to help provide gifts to area seniors through its Be a Santa to a Senior program. Now in its 13th year, the program serves more than 1,800 seniors in Jackson County and beyond.

Be a Santa to a Senior trees will be on display through Dec. 4. The trees are decorated with paper ornaments featuring seniors’ first names and their desired gifts. Holiday shoppers can choose an ornament, buy the requested gift and return it to the store with the ornament attached. Volunteers and program partners will wrap and deliver the gifts.

The trees are at these CVS Pharmacy locations in Jackson County: 2109 Bienville Blvd., Ocean Springs and 3657 Market St., Pascagoula.

Details: or 228-818-6110.

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Remembering Sophia by Helping All Creatures Big and Small

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Today marks what would have been Sophia Myers 8th birthday. After a rough eight month battle fighting the onset of DIPG, the Myers family and community continue the fight for more DIPG research and funding. And there’s no better way to have honored the precious girl’s life than by celebrating her and her love for animals. 

The Ocean Springs Lions Club is organizing a Coast-wide pet food and supply drive honoring Sophia Myers birthday.  “All Creatures Big and Small Pet Food and Supply Drive Honoring Sophia Myers” is an answer to the plea of Sophia’s mother, Angel Myers.

“I know I’ve asked a lot of you, but I’m asking just this one more thing,” Angel Myers posted on Facebook. “I need help putting together a food and supply drive for the Jackson County Animal Shelter in her honor.” After her original post, dozens of businesses and residents, who have been following Sophia’s journey, responded to her post asking to be a part of the project. The Ocean Springs Lions Club stepped up to spearhead the drive and pet adoptions.

There are more than a dozen drop off locations in Jackson and Harrison counties, including Ocean Springs City Hall and Gautier City Hall. Donations can include dog and cat food; Clorox bleach; towels; metal bowls; pet treats; nail clippers; dawn dish soap and non-clumping cat litter. An extended wish list for the Shelter can be found at

“This drive could not have come at a better time,” said Joe Barlow, Director of the Jackson County Animal Shelter. “We are honored and humbled by how much Sophia supported us.”

The campaign has been running for the past two weeks and will be wrapping up today for Sophia’s birthday. “A u-haul van has already been filled up with tons of donations from the community”, says Leigh Coleman, a representative from Ocean Springs Lions Club. “We hope this will encourage people to donate and adopt more animals from the Jackson County Animal Shelter”, she said. Coleman also stated that they plan to host this event each year in Sophia’s honor. 

Sophia Myers was a student who recently passed away after an eight-month battle with DIPG. She loved animals, and also loved helping the Jackson County Animal Shelter. The pet drive and adoption promotions are being held in honor of her upcoming birthday. A Gold Keepsake Ribbon Collar will be given to every individual who adopts a pet in Sophia’s name.

“Please know how grateful I am for everything. I really am,” said Angel Myers. “I don’t have the right words or enough words, but my heart is right with you loving and appreciating all you have done and are doing.” 

For more information on the drive, visit their Facebook page:

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Mississippi Oyster Season Opens Early for Local Oystermen

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Raw, fried, grilled or stuffed… oysters are coastal favorite for people on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, but a way of life for our local oystermen.

Yesterday, oyster season in the western portion of the Mississippi Sound began at legal sunrise. However, this led to mixed results for Mississippi oystermen on day one. The Department of Marine Resources moved the season up to give oystermen a competitive edge.

The state Department of Marine Resources said the Commission on Marine Resources originally set the start date for Monday, Nov. 13. However, oyster seasons in Louisiana and Texas are scheduled to begin that day, and MDMR officials believe that by opening earlier, local fishermen will make more money per sack. There is a lot of stake at risk for those depending on the fall season. 

At the September meeting, commissioners approved a 30 percent quota limit for these reefs in order to help rebuild them, and that remains in effect. The daily limit for tonging is 15 sacks, and the limit for dredging is 20 sacks. 

With the western sound open for oystering, most of the boats are on the far west end of the coast near Bayou Caddy. Then, they’ll bring the oysters over to the Pass Christian Harbor.

The season is important for a lot of oystermen and businesses who serve the delicacy on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. “It’s unbelievably vital to us as a local business to be able to serve local oysters. I truly believe we have the best seafood in the country right here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and now we can showcase that to locals and tourists alike”, says Chef Rob Stinson, owner of Biloxi’s own, The Reef. 

For more information, call the MDMR Oyster Hotline at 228-374-5167 or 1-800-385-5902 or visit their website here.

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Chevron’s Fuel Your School/ Gift Card Winners

Chevron’s Fuel Your School program came to a close last week after successfully donating $50,000 to Jackson County schools to help teachers fund their projects with 

Last week, JaxCoHome asked Jackson County teachers to tell us what projects or items they needed for their classroom. These items could include a new microscope, books, computers- anything that encourages learning in the areas of S.T.E.A.M. Chevron believes that effective education including Science, Technology, Engineering the Arts and Math (S.T.E.M.) will foster bright young talent for the future workforce and healthy economic growth for the country. 

We had almost 30 submissions from teachers who needed a variety of items, but 5 winners were chosen who best fit the needs within each part of S.T.E.A.M. Each winner received a $100 gift card to be redeemed on the site to help fund their project. Our ‘Science’ winner was Brieanna Bean with the Jackson County Technology Center. Brieanna teaches high school students interested in the healthcare field as a career. Bean’s project needs included hands-on science/life health kits that helped the students get a real-feel experience of working and studying in the medical field. “The kits allow them to see the enzymes working, as they would in the gastrointestinal tract, of the future patients these students will be taking care of; the actual work the kidneys do in filtrating the blood”, says Bean. “The seeing of the process makes the process of learning significantly easier”, she said. With the help of the gift card, Bean’s project became fully-funded, so the students dream of having these kits will now become a realityIMG_3464-300x225 Chevron's Fuel Your School/ Gift Card Winners

Pictured: Brieanna Bean’s Class at Jackson County Technology Center

Our ‘Technology’ winner is Mrs Oreta McMillan’s robotics students at Vancleave Upper Elementary. The 5th and 6th graders compete in robotics competitions with VEX IQ kits. “These DASH robots will allow our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders to practice coding and allow them to prepare for future robotics events”, says McMillan. “The tablets will allow them to download APPS to help them program and control the robot”, she said. After receiving her gift card, McMillan’s class now needs $700 to be fully funded for their project. To donate to the project, visit this link:

IMG_3464-300x225 Chevron's Fuel Your School/ Gift Card Winners

Pictured: Oreta McMillan’s class at Vancleave Upper Elementary

The ‘Education’ winner is Bridget Mudgett at St. Martin Upper Elementary. Mudgett’s Donors Choose project asked for a class set of the novel, Wonder, for her 5th graders. “My students love to read!”, said Mudgett. “They stay after school for book club, give up recess time to volunteer in the school library, and walk to the public library in a small town that’s not very ‘walkable'”, she said. With the help of the gift card, Bridgett’s class has also reached their project goal of $360! “We’re so grateful for this gift card! Now my kids can finally engage like never before”, she said. 

Our ‘Arts’ winner is Casie Duffy with Moss Point High School. Duffy’s class needed several iPads for her art class. “With this funding, it will allow my students access to art history research, graphic design experiences, and expand their capabilities as artists by incorpoarting a technological aspect”, says Duffy. 

Last, but not certainly not least, the ‘Mathematics’ winner is Lorraine Boleware and her class at Eastlawn Elementary. Boleware teaches special education, but is in an inclusion setting with the general education students. She primarily works with 3rd grade, (Reading gate) and fourth grade (MAAP) state testing classes. “These students must reach the same benchmarks as students who do not have special needs, but they are working and they are trying”, says Boleware. “I have found that the biggest hurdle right now is in multiplication facts for my students. I would like to use different resources that may help them increase their fluency and give them a firm foundation to build on for the rest of the standards in math”, she said. After applying her gift card, Boleware’s class still needs $500 to fund this project. You can donate to this project by visiting the following link: Chevron's Fuel Your School/ Gift Card Winners

Pictured: Lorraine Boleware’s class at Eastlawn Elementary

JaxCoHome would like to thank all of the participants for submitting their projects. “We are so happy we were able to help fully fund 2 of the 5 project winners”, says Chelsea Gee, a representative from JaxCoHome. “This opportunity would not have been possible if it weren’t for the people at Chevron and their consistent efforts to help their local schools”, she said. 

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Huntington Ingalls Industries’ Technical Solutions Division Announces New Vice President of Human Resources and Director of Communications

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NEWPORT NEWS, Va., Oct. 31, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Huntington Ingalls Industries (NYSE:HII) announced today the appointment of two leaders at its Technical Solutions division. Melanie Anderson has joined the division as vice president of human resources, and Kristine DiMarco has been named director of communications.

Anderson brings 20 years of multifunctional human resources experience supporting high-performance organizations in the government services, aerospace and defense, commercial and high technology industries. Most recently, she led human resources for the engineering business of KBRWyle, following KBR’s acquisition of Honeywell Technical Solutions, Inc. Prior to joining Honeywell, she held HR leadership roles of increasing responsibility for The Boeing Co., Harris Corp. and Raytheon. She earned an undergraduate degree at Michigan State University in German with a dual major in employment relations. She also holds a master’s degree in labor relations and human resources management from the same institution.

DiMarco is an award-winning communications professional who has been supporting the Technical Solutions division with special projects since its inception in December 2016. She has a wide range of experience through various communications, knowledge management and process improvement positions at HII since 2004. Her most recent assignment, which underscored her experience supporting aircraft carrier and submarine construction and maintenance, was communications lead in Technical Solutions’ Fleet Support group. She previously managed communications and information technology initiatives for SRA International and for the Office of the Secretary of Defense. She has a bachelor’s degree in communications from James Madison University.

“We have over 5,000 tremendously talented professionals in our Technical Solutions division, and we are committed to providing them the best possible programs and communications support,” said Andy Green, president of HII’s Technical Solutions division. “Melanie and Kristine bring a wealth of experience and leadership to this growing organization, and we are delighted to have them on the Technical Solutions team.”

Photos of Anderson and DiMarco are available at:

HII Technical Solutions is a professional services business providing solutions to a variety of government and commercial customers worldwide. The division was formed in December 2016 when HII acquired Camber Corp. and combined it with HII’s existing services subsidiaries, including AMSEC, Continental Maritime of San Diego, Newport News Industrial, SN3, Undersea Solutions Group and UniversalPegasus International. Technical Solutions provides fleet maintenance and modernization, unmanned solutions and rapid prototyping, agile software development and network engineering, training systems, logistics support, nuclear engineering and fabrication, and oil and gas engineering. Technical Solutions employs more than 5,000 people working in 35 states and 11 countries, with mobile “fly-away” teams that support emergent situations around the globe.

Huntington Ingalls Industries is America’s largest military shipbuilding company and a provider of professional services to partners in government and industry. For more than a century, HII’s Newport News and Ingalls shipbuilding divisions in Virginia and Mississippi have built more ships in more ship classes than any other U.S. naval shipbuilder. HII’s Technical Solutions division provides a wide range of professional services through its Fleet Support, Integrated Missions Solutions, Nuclear & Environmental, and Oil & Gas groups. Headquartered in Newport News, Virginia, HII employs nearly 37,000 people operating both domestically and internationally. For more information, visit:

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Halloween Happenings in Jackson County

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If you’re not going trick or treating in your neighborhood for Halloween, there are plenty of other events going on within Jackson County. Here’s some spooky details for events near you: 

Trick or Treat Down the Street

The Historic Ocean Springs Association and the Ocean Springs Chamber of Commerce are hosting their annual Trick or Treat Down the Street in downtown Ocean Springs. Businesses and merchants along Washington Avenue and Government Street will be distributing treats to costumed children from 6-8 pm. Students from Ocean Springs High School will be performing “Thriller” and other Halloween themed dance performances at the intersection during the two hour holiday event. 


Visit merchants throughout the Edgewater mall in Biloxi who will be giving out goodies to kids in costumes. Take home a complimentary photo from an on-site photographer. The fun begins at 5pm with a performance from La Santa Damiana the fire dancer. There will also be (4) 10 minute performances from the Fire Dancers from 5:00-6:30 PM. At 6:40pm enjoy a Halloween dance performance from Kelli’s Step School of Dance.

Hallow-Read Day

Read a spooky book and trick or treat at the St. Martin Public Library. The event is for area teens during library hours. Families are welcome to trick-or-treat at the library. Costumes encouraged. Take a Spooky Selfie at photo booth, create “BOOk-marks.” Treats provided. Details: 228-392-3250.

‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Movie Madness Experience

The Biloxi Little Theatre will be showing the classic Halloween movie, ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’. Featuring a professional shadow cast in front of the movie screen, this is an interactive event. 220 Lee St. $15; $5 prop kits. This event is R rated. No outside props allowed; prop kits will be sold for $5 at the theater. Costume contest, door prizes, cash bar. 228-432-8543. 7:30 p.m.-11:30 p.m.

Tiki Trick-or-Treat

Margaritaville Resort, 195 Beach Blvd., Biloxi. Free. Halloween candy will be given to trick-or-treaters who come dressed up in their costume. Candy will be on second, fifth and 10th floors of the resort. 228-271-6377. 5 p.m.-8 p.m.

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